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Orientation — Things We Want You To Know!

  1. Timebanking is not barter. We don't swap anything. You help me out then log your hour(s). Later, someone else does something for you and you 'pay' them with your hours.
  2. Timebanking is about reciprocity, building trust and cooperation in our community by giving AND receiving! That includes RESPONDING when contacted, even to say, 'No.'
  3. We are all equals, and everyone's time is of equal value: hour for hour.
  4. Everyone has something to offer. Can you cook, drive, shop, help organize, make a phone call, send an email, garden, sew, make a spreadsheet, teach something? We guess yes!
  5. Everything you need to know about relating to other members you learned in Kindergarten.
  6. You earn time credits for your service. You may ask for $cash to cover gas, ingredients or supplies. Keep them separate in your ad: 'An hour for my service and $5 for gas.'
  7. BE CLEAR when arranging to provide a service. What is included? What about transportation? Who supplies or pays for materials? Is there prep time and face to face time? Be clear.
  8. When you get logged in, click ? Help on any screen for help with that screen.
  9. Click [Account] > [My To Do List] to see links for completing your profile, adding offers, requests and all.

It wouldn't hurt to peruse our Member Handbook and you could review this Orientation PDF

If you're more audio-visual you could watch this video!

We can hook you up with an Ebuddy if you like, and they can help you with whatever. They get time credits from the timebank for helping you, so take advantage!

If you'd like a Zoom Orientation: We're happy to meet and chat with you on Zoom.
See our Calendar of Events for details on upcoming orientations.


Login to your hOur Exchange account. The first time you log in you will be asked to read and accept the Terms of Service, Privacy Policy and Member Agreement. At the bottom of each page you may Contact Your Coordinator.

We are member lead!

***** Membership with hOur Exchange is a privilege. *****
We reserve the right to deny or revoke membership for any reason.