Member Leadership

Join one of our Member Leadership Team Positions:

  • Ebuddy - offers tech/computer support for those who need help accessing Hour Exchange Portland with a computer. Help manage member accounts & provide individual software training.
  • Marketing/Member Engagement Committee - develops and implements outreach efforts to acquire new members and ensures all Hour Exchange Portland members are engaged and involved.
  • Orientation Leader - run orientations for new members, should be comfortable speaking about the program in front of a group once a month.
  • Fundraising Committee - plans and implements fundraising efforts; events, grants, etc.
  • Event Planning Team - plans a variety of member events.
  • Access to the Arts Coordinator - developing collaborative connections with local arts venues and securing tickets to galleries, shows, and concerts that members can purchase with time dollars.
  • Office Helper - data entry, filing, phone calls to schedule orientations, etc.

Join the Board of Directors

The HEP Board of Directors meets the first Thursday of the month from 6:00 - 8:00 p.m.; HEP members are welcome to attend. Please notify us via email, , if you plan to attend. Board meeting minutes are available upon request.

Sarah Braik Sarah Braik (President-2019) joined HEP in 2016 and doesn't know quite how she managed to live without it all these years. She has recently retired from careers in the restaurant, community mental health, and education fields. She finds herself busier than when she was working. She is a co-leader of the Portland Chapter of Citizens' Climate Lobby and Associate Companion-in-Charge of the Maine Chapter of the Society of the Companions of the Holy Cross.

Adriane HermanAdriane Herman (Vice President-2020) designs performative events to occasion opportunities for people to relinquish physical or symbolic items or state intentions to let go of non-tangible things before encouraging witnesses. Herman explores content in context with students at Maine College of Art, where she is Professor of the MFA in Studio Art. She holds a B.A. from Smith College, an M.F.A. from University of Wisconsin-Madison, and a Level II Wilton Method Cake Decorating certificate. She has lectured at over 50 institutions, and been an artist in residence in Nova Scotia; Varanasi, India; Yarmouth, ME.; and Kansas City. She has been a member of HEP since 2005 and believes passionately in its mission and fundamental tenet that everyone's time has equal value. Recent HEP exchanges greatly facilitated her 2017 solo exhibition at SPEEDWELL projects entitled "Out of Sorts." She also serves on the board of the non-denominational Church of Nature.


Debra Boxer Debra Boxer joined HEP in June of 2019 and immediately knew that she wanted to be a member of the Board because HEP is an incredible organization that values equally what everyone has to offer. This is Deb's philosophy in general so she felt right at home!

Deb has a Master of Social Work degree (MSW), which she received in 1975. Most of her professional life, she has practiced as a psychotherapist and consultant; more recently, she has decided that she MUST be much more visible and active doing consulting and training to business, healthcare, government and the community because our world is so crazy... Being a Social Worker and a person who deeply cares about the world we live in, Deb has taken concrete action to improve healthcare costs, reduce disability claims, and enhance employee morale and productivity.

Deb is also extremely concerned about our environment. Her definition of healthcare includes physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, social and environmental health. Her orientation since Graduate School has been General Systems Theory, which, of course, is a very holistic orientation and approach to living.

In her spare time Deb enjoys Mahjong, yoga, music, exercise and anything related to learning more about spirituality, alternative and indigenous approaches.

Deb eventually plans on opening the Center for Optimal Work, Health and Living. This center will further integrate traditional, alternative and indigenous approaches to health and wellness. In the meantime, Deb plans to continue to bring her work to business, healthcare, government and the community.

Colleen Hutchinson Colleen Hutchinson was born in the Western hills of Maine and has lived in Falmouth for almost 40 years. Colleen started her own bookkeeping business thirty-five years ago. A new HEP member this year, she is excited to be included on the Board as Treasurer and is in awe of all the great talent and services of the members of HEP.



Sarah Stowell Sarah Stowell is a native Mainer who has lived in Portland for 13 years. She manages the business office in a nursing home and learns something new each and every day. When she heard about Hour Exchange Portland in the summer of 2018, she attended an orientation as soon as she was able and has been actively involved in the organization from that point on. She has since become an orientation leader, minute-taker for the Board, and has now delightedly joined the Board as Secretary.

Outside of work and Hour Exchange Portland, Sarah enjoys the many vegan offerings of Portland restaurants, and sees live music as much as her schedule allows. She loves to travel and hopes to meet members of other timebanks along the way.

Sarah is so pleased to belong to an organization which believes that everyone's time is of equal value, and she would like to bring this belief to places like the nursing home where she works and help facilitate exchanges among the people there. Everyone has something to offer!