Join one of our Member Leadership Team Positions:

  • Ebuddy - offers tech/computer support for those who need help accessing Hour Exchange Portland with a computer. Help manage member accounts & provide individual software training.
  • Orientation Leader - run orientations for new members, should be comfortable speaking about the program in front of a group once a month.
  • Kitchen Cabinet - plans a variety of events, including members and non-members.
  • Access to the Arts Coordinator - developing collaborative connections with local arts venues and securing tickets to galleries, shows, and concerts that members can purchase with time dollars.
  • Office Helper - data entry, filing, phone calls to schedule orientations, etc.

Join the Board of Directors

The Hour Exchange Portland Board of Directors meets the fourth Wednesday of the month from 7:00 - 8:30 p.m., with the exception of August. Hour Exchange Portland members are welcome to attend. Please notify us via email at if you plan to attend. Board meeting minutes are available upon request.

Sarah Braik Sarah Braik (President)
I joined Hour Exchange in 2016 and don't know quite how I managed to live without it all these years. I have recently retired from careers in the restaurant, community mental health, and education fields. I find myself busier than when I was working. I am a co-leader of the Portland Chapter of Citizens' Climate Lobby as well as the Cathedral of St. Luke's Public Policy and Environmental Action Team. I am an active member of the Maine Chapter of the Society of the Companions of the Holy Cross.

Colleen Hutchinson Colleen Hutchinson (Treasurer)
I was born in the Western hills of Maine and have lived in Falmouth for almost 40 years. I started my own bookkeeping business thirty-five years ago. A relatively new member, I am excited to be included on the Board as Treasurer and am in awe of all the great talent and services of the members of Hour Exchange.


Robin LoRé Robin LoRé
I am interested in action pertaining to ecological preservation, inclusion, diversity, and the sharing of time and talent to build a strong, healthy, local community. I feel the Hour Exchange embodies these ideals perfectly, and it is what drew me to join. I'm happy to be of service to the Hour Exchange in any capacity, and hope that I can help move the ball forward in its growth and ongoing evolution.



Debra Boxer Debra Boxer (currently on leave of absence)
I joined Hour Exchange in June of 2019 and immediately knew that I wanted to be a member of the Board because Hour Exchange is an incredible organization that values equally what everyone has to offer. This is my philosophy in general so I felt right at home!

I have a Master of Social Work degree (MSW) and have practiced as a psychotherapist and consultant; more recently, I have decided that I MUST be much more visible and active doing consulting and training to business, healthcare, government and the community because our world is so crazy… As a social worker and a person who deeply cares about the world we live in, I have taken concrete action to improve healthcare costs, reduce disability claims, and enhance employee morale and productivity.

I am also extremely concerned about our environment. My definition of healthcare includes physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, social and environmental health.

I eventually plan on opening the Center for Optimal Work, Health and Living. This center will further integrate traditional, alternative and indigenous approaches to health and wellness.

Lewie Bosler Lewie Bosler (Interim Vice-president)
I recently moved to Maine and have joined the Hour Exchange. I have lived most of my life a few minutes from beautiful Narragansett Beach, RI where I loved to surf and ride motorcycles. I began studying and practicing Buddhism 40+ years ago. I am a certified Kripalu yoga teacher and teach meditation and yogic breathing techniques. Spirituality has been at the center of my entire adult life.

My first career after college was to manage funeral homes. I also earned a master's degree in psychology and became a certified grief counselor and an end-of-life counselor and later became a professor and chairman of the Bereavement Studies Program at Mt. Ida College.

I later became a full-time and adjunct college professor of psychology, and created men's studies programs/courses and men's centers on college campuses. I have given presentations and lectured on men's issues and have created, facilitated, and participated in men's support groups in the community since the 1980's.

I worked as a psychotherapist and substance abuse counselor at mental health agencies, as well as in my private practice. I became a certified batterers intervention counselor and was appointed as the regional director of VOCA (Victims of Crime Assistance Program), a program created, managed and funded by the US Dept. of Justice.

I developed and taught unique methods to help people with anger management issues, and methods to help people reduce anxiety and stress in their lives. I also teach an effective communication technique to help individuals and couples improve their communication and listening capabilities.

My greatest joy has been derived from my passion to help people enjoy and enhance their lives, the lives of their children and families, and the people in their communities. I have served as president and on the board of directors of numerous organizations. My successes in developing and increasing membership/participation of organizations, programs and services. are the result of my compassion and strong desire & capability to form meaningful relationships. and to provide and develop dedicated and committed leadership.

Adriane Herman I missed my true calling, which was tap dancing. I now satisfy my time-based creative energies by serving as an Experience Broker, currently embodied by a project I call Emotional Value Auction, which explores forms of value other than economic and leverages the power of witnessing to facilitate release. You can read about the 2019 iteration of this non-monetized exchange of objects grounded in reciprocity here. Through these Auctions, public displays of vulnerability are rewarded, and are rewards in and of themselves.

Inherently drawn to alternative economies, I am always on the lookout for meaningful connections, and find things often fall into place and flow through happenstance, or what I might call "surfing synchronicity." Recently I earned Time Dollars by helping to inoculate oak logs with mushroom spores at Sweet Relief Farm through our Farm to Pantry Network (FTPN). I used Time Dollars earned by attending board meetings to pay Member Care Coordinator, Abby Greenfield, to make a delicious and nutritious lunch for students enrolled in a printmaking elective class entitled "Be Fruitful and Multiple: The Well-Fed Artist," which I designed and taught this Spring at Maine College of Art & Design, where I have been a Professor since 2002.

I have lectured on my work at over fifty institutions and shown my work here and there. One of my color woodcuts gets to live in the collection of the Whitney Museum of American Art in New York, and two of my monotypes were recently acquired by the Colby Museum of Art. My 2017 exhibition, "Out of Sorts," at SPEEDWELL Projects in Portland, received an Eco-Excellence Award from ecomaine, and was greatly facilitated by sewing and upholstery I paid for using Time Dollars. I am currently collaborating with Maine Prisoner Advocacy Coalition to bring visual arts and writing workshops into Maine correctional facilities and would love to work with other Hour Exchange Portland members who may be interested in sharing your skills and passions to inspire, uplift, and educate people who are incarcerated in Maine.